Baltic Sea vs. North Sea

I live in the northernmost federal state of Germany, called Schleswig-Holstein. It is located between the two oceans Baltic Sea and North Sea. That leads to the question wich one to prefer.

To me it always has been obvious, that the Baltic Sea is the better choice, because i grew up at the east coast. The Baltic Sea is more quite, has sandy beaches, stony fiords and bigger Cities. That’s why i think it’s more varied.

But since i spend some weeks at the North Sea, when i made a cure vacation, i think this area has it’s own charm. You have a further view, quick weather changes and especially in winter when it’s stormy, it is lonesome but cozy.

So, Baltic Sea vs. North Sea to me it’s 1:1. Ā šŸ™‚




2 thoughts on “Baltic Sea vs. North Sea

  1. I am born at the baltic coast as well, and I have seen the north sea too. I think we share the same idea… baltic sea is home, but north sea is just beautiful too. I definitely feel more home in baltic coast cities, that’s just how it is if you like where you are from. šŸ™‚


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