I never had much interest in Art. And especially modern art often made no sense to me. With the eyes of a photographer, i currently see things in another light. I still don’t understand, what the artist want’s to say a good many times. But now i discover things that do well on a photo. Shape, Lines, colours, structure and some drama. πŸ˜‰



3 thoughts on “Art

  1. Same here, I like art since I take photos, but just from a hobby-photographers standpoind. We look at shapes, colours, materials, textures and so, or we just want to freeze a moment or tell a story… but, yeah, I usually never understood what they were talking about when I met people who are deeply fascinated by art. In a few rare cases I could spot the artists message, but mostly I don’t. I think our standpoint is very different as you said.

    I like the one with the bird, but just because I like birds (laugh), and I like the blue feathers of the bird but I have no idea what the artist wants to tell us here. If it would be my artwork, I would probably have meant that our behaviour as humans will lead to a point where the last bird will fall to the ground. The one with the body dug in ground is hilarious. The artwork places in the landscape is cool, for some reason it remind me of the Tripods in war of the worlds (Krieg der Welten), or the Striders in the game Half Life. The structure in the landscape has basically long legs, that probably why it reminds me of both.

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