Lost Places

Some years ago i watched a contribution on TV about a photographer who shot old houses and factorys, wich were abandoned. What a great idea, i thought! Something completely new… But some time later i realized that this is an absolutely common genre in photography. However for me it was a first step away from sunset and flower photography.

To begin with, you have to find an appropriate building. And when the desired object is fenced, you are leaving legality.  To enter an abandoned house is fascinating, exiting, scary and sometimes dangerous. Things can drop from the ceiling or the gound breaks. I was lucky that nothing like this happend to me. I was just once thrown out of an old hospital by the security.  😉

I haven’t been to a lost place for a longer time now, because there is no more interesting building in my area at the moment. An abandoned house loses it’s charme, when there have been to many photographers, sprayers or people who just destroy things. They leave to many traces.




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