Black & White

When photography was invented, there was only black and white. It would take years to have colour photos. Just after it came out, everybody was longing for coloured stills and black & white became oldfashioned.

Nowadays we have digital photogaphy with megapixel and all kind of possibilities in image editing. You buy the latest camera every two years, because you always want to get better image quality and sharpness. And then you convert the picture in Photoshop to black & white and add some corn to have a vintage look. Isn’t it strange? 😉

In some cases i really like black & white. For example in architecture- or streetphotography. When you leave out the colour, you can emphazise lines and structure or a statement. Sometimes colours can be distracting.

I have some black & white photos in my stock. But it isn’t my focal point. I don’t take a picture with the intention to have it black & white. I’d rather determine during the imaging that it works better without colour.



3 thoughts on “Black & White

  1. I am the same, I decide that during the editing process. Sometimes it works just so well, when you have a lot of contast in some areas of the picture. I love black and white photography, but often it’s also that I want to hide some issues when I convert to it. I am shooting in RAW most of the time, that means I can really fix major problems that I caused with wrong camera settings… but in case the image is so overexposed that even the highlights and whites slider won’t fix the image, black and white conversation is the solution. I can’t count how often I converted an image to black and white to hide heavily overexposed areas 😀

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    1. It’s the same with me. To convert an image in black and white is often just to recover it. Sometimes you have a boring sky or dull colours. Or, like you wrote, overexposed areas. And of course i shoot raw too. 😉

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      1. Yep, boring sky or dull colours are good examples too. I was totally happy with jpg even after I got my DSLR, but several people pushed me and said I should give raw a try… well, it happened late, but now I do really get why people like to edit raw files. 🙂

        Btw. great images in your post. My favorites are the tunnel, the hall, and the apartment store but I like them all.

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