Goodbye Summer…

Today it’s obvious and there can be no denying. The summer has gone. It’s sad for me, because summer is my favorite season. So…goodbye summer. Come back soon! πŸ™‚



Summer always ends with good memories.


4 thoughts on “Goodbye Summer…

  1. Today it was really cold and windy. I think we had a rather long but mixed summer. I don’t like too hot or humid summer days, but this summer was overall moderate and mixed, basically how I like it. When it was way too hot over long periods in previous summers, I usually couldn’t await autumn… but this time I am not prepaired for autumn either, I liked the sun of the late summer days this time.

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      1. I was a few times in South France, and the heat was really different there too. I am not into this kind of rocket science, but I assume it’s about different air moisture, wind and pther factors. I remember we always had a good breeze there during hot days, which is why I liked it.

        You’re in the holidays in Greece right now? According to your username I assume you’re from Kiel or is it your surname? πŸ˜€ I do at least know from one of your posts that you live in Schleswig-Holstein like I do.


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