There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs…










9 thoughts on “Stairs

  1. I assume you shot the landscape photo with the water and stairs in Greece? That looks beautiful and I’d like to hike in this beautiful place 🙂 Oh, and of course I spotted the Lübeck trainstation 🙂

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      1. That’s funny, because Bornholm is on my bucket list as grandpa told me that he liked it back then. Yeah, also because of the climate 😉 Once, I tried to research how I could get there, of course with a ship, but it’s not possible from Travemünde according to my research. Are there lines in Kiel that cruse to Bornholm? It’s been a while since my last reseach, maybe I should try it with Google again.


      2. You can reach Bornholm from Rügen (Sassnitz), like i did. Besides that there are only ferry from Kopenhagen and Ystad (Sweden), as far as i know. Bornholm is really great, if you like it cozy, quiet and hiking in the nature. Unfortunately because you have to take a ferry makes it a bit expensive.

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      3. Yeah, it’s sad that there is no direct connection from our harbors. I understand why they don’t do this, it’s basically a niche holiday place, but I’d be ok with it if they would at least offer one direct cruise per month and not regularly. I agree, now it’s more expensive, because you have to travel to Rügen first, and then paying the ferry on top, I think that’s why I didn’t research further back then.

        My piggybank is suffering due to several expensive hobbies anyway at the moment, but I reminded myself that I should save money for travelling too again at some point. Bornholm would be a top choice then, I’ve never been there… I also want to see Stockholm once in my live, because around the city they have tons of national parks. Of course, now that I am into photography, Rügen alone would be worth to see again too.


      4. Yeah combining would make a lot of sense 🙂

        I’ve been in Denmark too, but this is a long time ago, it was just a daytrip too with the ferry as well. However, I find a ferry cruise daytrip still more relaxing than a car cruise. We’ve been somewhere in East Frisia for a week with one of the companies I worked for, and from there we made a daytrip with the bus to Amsterdam. I loved the city Amsterdam, it is basically the Venedig in the north (lol) and worth to visit… but the bus travel was the reason that I couldn’t enjoy it as much as I wanted, this day trip was actually rather exhausting. Arrived, I would have much prefered a short nap in a bed, rather than walking through the streets 😀

        I think I prefered the holidays where I stayed the longest, like France where we have been several years in a row for at least 3-4 weeks per summer. Long stays are best for discovering a country, and not thinking about the time that is still left until departure. Sadly enough, and I guess you know the feeling, the time is running fast anyway if you like something 😦


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